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Nivelamento INGLÊS

Bem-vindo(a) ao Teste de Nivelamento do Canadian Language Institute! Através deste breve teste, tenha uma ideia do seu nível de conhecimentos da língua inglesa. Após preencher o teste, insira seu Nome, Telefone e Email, e veja a sua pontuação. Seu teste e seus dados serão enviados ao Canadian para avaliação. Ressaltamos que este é um teste preliminar, e é necessário fazer o teste oral no Canadian, em Niterói – RJ, para sua avaliação ser finalizada.

Escolha uma das 3 respostas para cada questão, preencha seus dados pessoais ao final do questionário e confira o seu desempenho!

Para que o seu teste seja enviado, é necessário responder a TODAS as questões propostas abaixo.

1. Simon _____ very tall.

2.Chris _____ like football very much.

3. How _____ does one lesson cost?

4. There ____ a big supermarket next to my house.

5. I _____ agree with you.

6. Neil can’t _____ tennis. He’s broken his arm.

7. _____ some more tea?

8. Last week we _____ to Warsaw.

9. I _____ the film we saw at the cinema on Friday.

10. Magda ___ in England for her holiday last year.

11. Italy is ______ than England.

12. My mother ____ never been to a cricket match.

13. _____ ever seen a comet?

14. Joanna _____ her new mobile phone.

15. What _____ if you don’t pass the test?

16. _____ he works very hard, he´s always in a good mood.

17. I wish I _____ play a musical instrument.

18. When Gregory arrived at the disco, Hania ____.

19. That’s the boy _____ father works in the White House.

20. A: What are you doing tonight? B: I’m not sure, I _____ to the cinema.

21. She wasn’t _____ to reach the ceiling.

22. If I were rich, I___buy a huge farm in Somerset.

23. What ______ when she saw you?

24. How long _______ here?

25. The film was very _____. I couldn’t sleep afterwards.

26. She’s such a nice person, ________?

27. I haven’t bought Sarah’s present ______.

28. When I was younger I _____ eat a lot of junk food.

29. You _______ bring a dictionary. It isn’t necessary.

30. My wallet ________ last week.

31. I haven’t seen John ______ ages.

32. Simon forgot _____ the lights before he left.

33. It’s no use _____ to him. He doesn’t listen.

34. Karla was offered the job _____ having poor qualifications.

35. The offer was too good for David to turn _____.

36. Eric’s father ordered him _____ out late again.

37. If only I _____ to the barbecue instead of staying at home.

38. Not only _____ to London but she also visited many other places in England.

39. My sister _____ regretted turning down the chance of studying at the Teacher Training College.

40. Now remember, you _____ the test until the teacher tells you to.

41. This time next Saturday I ______ on a sandy beach.

42. My flat needs _____ as soon as possible. It’s in an awful state.

43. He eventually managed _____ the door by kicking it hard.

44. There’s no point _____ staying up all night if your exams is tomorrow.

45. If I _____ on holiday to Poland , I wouldn’t have met Donata.

46. He was thought _____ the disease in Hong Kong.

47. By the time you get this letter I _____.

48. Rarely _____ meat.

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